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First of all i want to apologise to all for the fact that i dont speak so well slovenian and i chosed to write in english. If i didnt post in the right forum categorie hope i would be excused.

I am leaving in Celje with a slovenian girl(dont ask why she dosent write this msg, i guess cause i am the man and i need to solve this tehnical issues:))).

Where i leave some time ago was cable tv and we called a1 call center and they said that we can use one of A1 package(cable+internet) A1M if i remember well, without contract period, but before we can say if we want or not we need to check if we have "stationarni priključek" (hope i said corect, google translate).

Can someone tell me what that is? How looks or where can i find it? In my country the cable/internet came inside the house/apartment from some cables nothing more thats why i dont know.

Hvala lepa for the help. 


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This means if you have cable  routing in the apartment for a classic - a fixed phone.

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@Jon  It seems we can provide fixed internet on the copper (landline phone) network (based on ADSL or VDSL technology). @andi is right. This is possible, if there is already a phone line (with a plug) installed in your apartment/house, but it doesn't need to be active. You can find a picture of a plug here :point_right: There are two pictures in the second half of the article - first is an older and the second more recent version of a plug.