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Dear sirs, today we received a pakage from you (wi-fi router with sim card).

But we didn't confirm this order! On thursday 02.03.20 after we have ordered it we recalled twice to  040404040 saying that we whant to cancell our order. And 2 different emloyees told us that we can not confirm the link which we received by e-mail. So we didn’t confirm it! 

And today we were waiting for a package from another company! And when the DPD delivery came the officer didn’t even mention from which company he has a pakage for us! So signing on a tablet from DPD officer I was sure that I am signing just for the delivery of the box! The officer of DPD gave me the box only after I signed on her tablet. And only some minutes after her going away I understood that it is something from A1!!! 

I called 040404020 and the guy in service told me that I have signed the contract with A1 by signing digitaly! But I could not even expect that the employee of another company not A1 can give me something to sign from the name of A1!!! 

 We insist on refusing this contract! Take this package back please!

 Helen Senko,

director VSDN d.o.o.


Najboljši odgovor od A1_Dolores 11 April 2020, 08:33

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Hello, @VSDN. Please send us an email ( )with telephone and tax number of the subscriber, so we can take a look on your case. Also you can text me in private messages and leave the information there.